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Petting sitting and dog walking:
How it works for you

My service begins with coming to your home and going through your usual routine of feeding, playing and caring for your animals. This means they can feel the comfort of their own home and become familiar with me beforehand. I'd love to meet you and your pets as we go through your care routine. We can go on a walk together and show me the routes around where you live for the dog walk. I'm more than happy to take them to the beach or other local country walks. If you need pet-sitting in Weston-super-Mare and surrounding areas, Cerys' Pet Care is a great place to begin.

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Dog Walking

From £12 per Hour

With my dog walking service, there is first a consultation phone call follow-up with a free meet up and walkies. this is so I can see your routine, your route and what the dog is familiar with.

  • The walk will take up to an hour, starting from pick up to drop off.
  • I am familiar with a number of great walking routes in the local area, like down the Strawberry Line, the Mendips, Weston-super-Mare beach or other country walks in your area.
  • I perform group walking if your dog is comfortable with doing this, and am also happy to offer solo walking, if you have a reactive dog, for example.
  • You can also order puppy walking, and I shall help walk your puppy during its early years.



  The Meet Up

I offer a free meet up and walkies together before you become a client of my dog walking service.

I would love to visit you and your dog to ensure familiarity. Together we would go through all the little details about your fur baby. The more I know about your dog or dogs, the better. In particular we will need to agree on where your dog will be when I collect them, what their walking needs are and what they like.

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  The Walk

Your dog will get an awesome adventure and the exercise they will be suitable for its personality and breed. Group walking is encouraged just as long as you and your dog are comfortable with that. I also offer solo walking for sensitive dogs. Growing up in these surroundings areas, I know the best spots that are controlled and safe.

With my dog walking in Weston-super-Mare, your dog will be treated to new places and have an amazing and safe time.


  Dog Walking When You Are Away

I love to explore and I will always ensure your dogs will never get bored and have a splendid time with myself. Games, fuss and treats are also part of the service. During the walk, fresh water is always provided. I will ensure that after the walk your dog gets a towel down and that no muddy footprints trail through your home. Photos will be sent to you after our adventure, and if the house is empty, keys will be left in a designated area of your choice to ensure safety always. This will be discussed on our first meeting together. The security of your home is essential and will always be done correctly.






Looking after your home, not just your pet

I look after dogs, cats, and reptiles as part of my service for pet sitting in Weston-super-Mare. I can also tidy up the home, and wash any bedding. Anything used around the house is cleaned and put away. I always try to leave the impression of it looking better than it was last left! I offer full-time pet and house sitting too, so you can rest assured that both are being looked after constantly, with the only time the house being empty being for dog walking or errands.

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Holiday Sitting

I can stay full time or perform twice-daily visits as you and your pets prefer. Whether your pet needs a full-time sitter or just a flying visit and walk, I will make sure they are kept happy, stimulated, and well-fed. You can book pet sitting in Weston-super-Mare here.

Prices are £10/ £15 hour (Depending on location)

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Whether you need to book dog walking or arrange pet sitting in Weston-super-Mare, contact me to arrange an initial visit.

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